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hey hi hello there! thanks for stopping by this part of my site, whether it's because you're bored and just need something to read, or you genuinely want to find out some more about the person behind the camera! Well here goes:

Okay, so for 5 simple facts and starters about just me as a human.

1.) I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and I love our little life with our doggo Russell. 

2.) I am an identical twin, and it's the best thing ever

3.) I will choose a rainy/cloudy day over sunshine 

4.) Any kind of music (besides country) is my jam, but specifically alternative and rock

5.) The only color of clothes I own is black and grey and my fashion sense is just my leather jacket

You kept scrolling?! That makes it official, you are simply the best. But for real, here's a little bit about me and this amazing job that I get to do.

I am 127% an extrovert, an embarrassing dork, and someone who could make friends with a tree. One of my favorite things about this job is meeting all you lovely faces and sweet couples and becoming more than just a business transaction, and building actual friendships! I liiiiiiive for making timeless and creative photos that make you either a.) want to cry from happiness b.) smile so hard your cheeks start to hurt or c.) make you go "aweeeee" in your highest pitch voice. The thing is, I am the kind of person and photographer who will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to give you an experience and photos that are exactly what you dream of. Tell me what you want, and let's make it happen!! I am down for alllll kinds of adventure and will jump at the opportunity to create something ridiculously unique and timeless. 


Okay okay okay you made it to the end! You learned all about me as a human and a photographer (which is basically the same and they overlap or whatever but anywho okay back to the subject here) if we sound like a perfect pair, I would LOVE to photograph anything you need. CONTACT ME  anytime and let's get to chatting about your visions and dreams and become friends! 

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