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Chloe + Nathan

Okayyyyy soooo talk about the most perfect vibe EVER for a shoot. I reached out to Chloe through Instagram (the most 2020 thing ever, I know) to see about her and her BRITISH boyfriend (yes in all caps because I didn't know until I met them at the shoot and was like heck yes read the Bible to me please) modeling for a fun lil shoot. The plan was for goofy, romantic, summertime kind of look, and these two have a special kind of fun-goofy-sweet love soooooo it was seriously PERFECT. We walked around downtown Roseville and ended up on a parking garage to finish off the night!! Which was then cut short because apparently the garage has security that does not like people "hanging out" at the top level. Anywho, these two peeps are AWESOME and I am just so pumped with how this quick lil session turned out!!!

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