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Mr. + Mrs. Fowler

Eeeeeeeek. wow oh wow I lose all capacity to speak when I think of this elopement!!!! I mean come onnnnnnnn, just look at these two!!!! Ok so lil story time. Daphne, a long time friend/ my lovely hairdresser/one of my fav people, contacted me about shooting their engagement photos back in October, and then the big plan was to elope in April at this location with their family. Unfortunately COVID-19 caused them to switch their plans around a little bit. THEN they found out they were expecting a lil baby girl!!!!!! SO they decided to just head to Horseshoe Bend just the two of them to celebrate their love. Come to find out, in the middle of shooting they told me the best secret ever. THEY HAD ACTUALLY BEEN MARRIED SINCE OCTOBER. These two kept this lil secret for months and dummy me didn't even notice the WEDDING BANDS on them both at the engagement session!!!! Honestly, these are my kinda people, doing what the heck is best for THEM because seriously that's all that matters!!!! Geez I love them. This day was crazy fun and sweet and wonderful with these two. You can't tell in the photos, but there were several times where we were almost LITERALLY blown over by the wind, I seriously have never experienced wind like that before hahahaha but these two were not even phased! Congratulations again to these two lovebirds, I just love the mess outta ya both!! Can't wait until baby girl gets here and we take that one year anniversary trip out for more pics ;)

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